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Principals Discuss What it Takes to Beat the Odds

Part One: Principals from St. Paul

We recently asked the District Superintendents of St. Paul and Minneapolis to suggest some principals in their districts who are beating the odds in addressing the achievement gap. From the lists they provided we have assembled two panels for two forums, one from Minneapolis, and the other from St. Paul. We think each of them could shed a lot of light.

Both forums will ask the participants to adress these questions:

  • What does it take for a school to consistently beat the odds?
  • What does it need from the district and the state?
  • What does it need from its community?
  • What changes at the district and state levels would be most helpful?

The first forum will feature:

Como Park Elementary, Principal Christine Vang
St Paul Music Academy, Principal Barbara Evangelist
Washington Technology Magnet, Principal Mike McCollar
Harding High School, Principal Douglas Revsbeck

The forums will be held at Mount Zion Temple in St. Paul at noon on May 12th and May 17th.