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Principals and Progress

September 13th, 2016, noon, at Mount Zion Temple, 1300 Summit Avene, St. Paul

Katherine Page, Moderator

It has become almost a truism that in addition to good teachers, good principals are essential to closing the achievement gap. They try to ensure a safe enivronment or their strudents, enourage best practices by their staff, support parent involvement, and keep the district's bureaucracy at bay.

But it's been a long, long time since 'the principal' was short for 'the principal teacher', and the many hats they now wear has made their job far more difficult.

We welcome Dr. David Adney and Jon Millerhagen to speak at our September 13th, 2016 Forum.  

David is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Secondary Principals Association (MASSP).  He has had years of leadership experience most recently as Principal at Minnetonka High School.  David has spoken about principal leadership throughout the US, Japan and China.

Jon Millerhagen is Executive Director of the Minnesota Elementary Principals Association (MESP).  He has twenty years of experience as a principal and received the Minnesota National Principal award in 2012.  Jon has testified before the State Legislature and also on Capitol Hill.

David and Jon will lead us through the changes and then speak with us about what he sees the Principalship looking like in the future.  As Executive Director of MSPA David has spoken to groups about the position of Principal Leadership throughout the US, Japan and China.