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The Northside Achievement Zone and the Cradle-to-Career Pipeline, May 10th, 2013

Minneapolis’ Northside Achievement Zone (NAZ) is a collaboration of organizations and schools that work with children and families in a geographic “Zone” of North Minneapolis to build a culture of achievement—so that all youth graduate from high school ready for college. Come Friday, May 10, and hear NAZ leaders and partners talk about the Zone’s progress to date and plans for the coming year. Speaking will be:

  • Sondra Samuels, NAZ CEO
  • Bruce Murray, NAZ Program Manager
  • Chad Schwitters, Executive Director, Urban Homeworks
  • Maureen Seiwert, Executive Director, Minneapolis Public Schools Early Childhood Education
  • Karen Goodenough, Director of Youth & Family Development, Plymouth Christian Youth Center
  • Eric Mahmoud, CEO/Founder of Seed Academy, Harvest Preparatory School & Best Academy
They will discuss how the Zone supports families, how it collaborates with schools, how it measures success, and how this work will close the achievement gap. They also will talk about the ongoing local support NAZ needs to be successful. NAZ's long-term goal is to end generational poverty in the neighborhood.