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The Next Brown-Bag

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AGC Winter Forum Series: Seeking agreement on how to close Minnesota’s Achievement Gap, Janurary-February, 2014

For years, you have come to the Achievement Gap Committee’s Brown Bag lunches to hear from a wide range of education professionals, researchers, and policy makers on how to close the achievement gap. This winter, we are asking the question: Are there areas of agreement that a broad range of people and organizations could get behind?

To that end, we are inviting a dozen of the state’s top education reform groups to talk about their plans and possible areas of agreement. The forums will run from noon to 1:30 p.m. on consecutive Tuesdays, starting Jan. 21 and finishing Feb. 11. We are moving to a slightly larger venue, the University of Minnesota’s McNamara Center, 200 Oak St. SE, in the Maroon and Gold Room. Find location and parking information here.

The first three forums will feature four organizations each. They will have 15 minutes each to present their proposals, leaving time at the end for Q&A. The format for the fourth forum is still in the works. It will be an opportunity to discuss the various proposals for areas of agreement.

The first event, Tuesday, January 21, features the African American Leadership Forum, Center for School Change, Growth & Justice, and Parents United.

Each organization is being asked to cover four broad questions during their presentation:

1. How do you understand the problem of the achievement gap?

2. What do you believe needs to be done to end the achievement gap?

3. What do you believe are the barriers to ending the achievement gap?

4. Where do you see agreement among the reform proposals of the participating organizations?

The schedule for the other two forums is: